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Now worn by thousands of women around the world, Flip-In Hair is a brilliant hair extensions piece which offers an innovative alternative to achieving longer, thicker hair in minutes – without damaging the hair in any way. Forget traditional hair extension methods of gluing, clipping and weaving – Flip-In Hair is a temporary, instant hair extension which simply sits on your head and stays perfectly in place thanks to an undetectable, transparent wire which is hidden by your own hair.

Easy and simple to use, it takes literally one minute to fit and only one second to remove. It’s hassle-free and looks completely natural.

In order to achieve the most natural looking hairstyle possible, the quality of our hair is paramount. We only use the finest quality 100% human hair available, which blends perfectly with natural hair. Because Flip-In Hair is made from human hair, it means you can treat it just like your own. Using hairdryers, irons, tongs and clips is absolutely fine, and you can brush, wash and style it as you would your own hair.

For further information please visit: www.flipinhair.co.uk

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