Senior Citizens & Students 16+ In full time education




Senior Citizens  (On production of senior citizens bus pass) (available Monday-Friday)

Students 16+ in full time education on production of student or NUS card available Monday-Saturday)






Senior/student  gents




Senior Citizens  (On production of senior citizens bus pass ) (available Monday-Friday)

students (on production of student or NUS card) (available every day)

Chemical Services

(Not including cutting and/or styling)

(Wednesday Colour offer not available with Tina)



Any offers vouchers or discounts are off the full price and cannot be used in conjunction with each other. Only one can be used at any one appointment. The management reserves the right to withdraw any offer at any time without notice.

We accept both cards and cash as a form of payment.

Tips cannot be added to card payments. All tips go to the person of your choice and are not shared or reflect service provided.

Apologies but we do not provide a cash back or change service facility.

The management take no responsibility for personal items left/ at Barnet Fayre.

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